About Us

SHAKO Montreal was founded in 2015 by Shako. She started by making samples of dresses to presented to it at her fashion shows that she use to create, after few years her mother encourages her to open a boutique and it turned out to be one of Montrealer's favorites store. 

At SHAKO Montreal, we love fashion and we want to pass on our passion to more women around the world. The brand is about female empowerment and our motto is “fashion belongs to everyone”.

With a wide range of carefully selected products from Shako Montreal, we offer unique opportunities for all customers to create their personal style. We are proud that our pieces (Shako Mtl) have been made with love in Montreal since 2015! The store offers a wide range of women's products where classic and modern styles are tastefully combined.

We constantly aim to renew and improve our range to offer our customers the maximum shopping experience where you can have a continuous update with the latest trends.”